Nice to see you!

We are already looking forward to welcoming you (and your team or clients) soon to the ART of YOU studios, the nicest and most welcoming studio in the Netherlands and far beyond. At the ART of YOU, creators reserve their studio time in a few clicks, are welcomed with open arms, and have all the space and equipment at their disposal. We make sure you lack nothing, so you can throw yourself into the creation of blisteringly beautiful content.

To book directly, please click the button below. If you. want some more info on prices and conditions, read on. It’s not complicated, but it’s helpful if you know in advance what you’re buying, right?

4 flavors. Different, but all delicious.

At the ART of YOU studios, we have lots of great clients, all wanting something different. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s all in order. To make it easy for you, we have divided our offer into 4 flavors. You can find these when making your reservation. To make sure you choose the right flavor right away, we’ve explained them in a bit more detail below.

Private photo shoot€69per hour (inc. VAT)
This option is especially for photographers who want to use the studio for a small-scale shoot without a commercial purpose (for example, a TFP shoot). Minimum studio time is 2 hours, payment can be made by PIN or invoice.

Photo shoot commercial€75per hour (ex. VAT)
Commercial shoots up to a maximum of 5 people (models and/or photographers). Are you photographing editorial, for a client, or organizing a small event, then this is the right flavor for you. Minimum studio time is 3 hours, payment by invoice.

Shoot event commercial€80-per hour (ex. VAT)
Are you organizing a shoot event or workshop with more than 5 people? Do your customers pay for participation? Good job! With us you will find everything to make your participants and models comfortable. Minimum studio time is 4 hours, payment by invoice.

Event on request (and therefore price on request)
the ART of YOU helps you set up your special shoot event or production just the way you want it: so catering, hotel accommodations, transportation, marketing, models, props or extra equipment needed? You invent it, we arrange it. With a smile. You’re welcome 🙂

The fine print:
When you click the “RESERVE” button you first choose your date. We will show you the available times on the date of your choice. Times you don’t see you can’t book either. There is a changeover time of at least 30 minutes between each reservation, so you can use the full time of your reservation for photography. Once you have chosen your type of shoot and your times, you will be directed directly to the payment module. Well convenient, so you don’t need to bring cash or debit cards on the day of your shoot. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation immediately after payment, as well as a calendar file that allows you to place your reservation directly into your own digital calendar.

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