The most beautiful photo studio in the Netherlands.
Every day. For any budget.
For every photographer.

Welcome to the ART of YOU CLUB!

The ART of YOU in Dongen is the most beautiful photo studio in the Netherlands for boudoir, fashion and lifestyle.
With 5 spacious sets, a wide range of continuous and flash lights, light modifiers,
effects equipment, props, backdrops, free WiFi, front door parking, free coffee & tea AND a
full refrigerator, you actually only need to bring your camera and your models.
The rest is all there!

Club members have an edge for!

Club members have access to the ART of YOU studios and all its facilities
for a fixed number of hours per month at an unprecedented low hourly rate.
Plus, as a club member, you get great benefits, such as discounts on appr equipment,
priority at events and workshops, and special club days.
So whether you are a beginner, experienced hobbyist, or professional: if you regularly
photographs then the ART of YOU CLUB is definitely for you


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