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Frequently Asked Questions

If the date you have chosen is still available, you can take an option free of charge. This option is valid for a maximum of seven days from the day you take the option. During the validity of the option, no one else can book the studio.

The ART of YOU Studios works with a deposit of € 500,- for the rent of the studio space. The deposit must be paid in advance by bank transfer. At the end of your shoot, we will settle the rent with the paid deposit and you will receive any remaining balance within two days. If the rent is higher than the deposit, you will receive an invoice for the remainder.

The ART of YOU Studios can be rented seven days a week.

Creative minds are rarely tidy, so shoots do run late. Our booking times are arranged in such a way that there is a maximum delay of 30 minutes, at no extra cost. If you really need more time, please contact us so we can see if there are any other bookings after your shoot. If not, you can book time for €75 per hour.

Naturally. Through the ART or YOU Studios you can hire a professional and experienced MUAH for your shoot, but you are free to bring your own MUAH or let your model do her own hair and make-up. The use of our professional make-up room is of course self-evident and included in your booking.

Without coffee there is no creation, so coffee, tea and biscuits are provided. In addition, the refrigerator is stocked with bottled water and soft drinks. These drinks are included in the rental price.

In the kitchen you will find menus from take-out restaurants and delivery services nearby. The costs for this are for your own account. We do our best to recommend the best restaurants, but the ART of YOU Studios is not responsible if the food is too late, too cold or not so tasty.

Yes, there is a changing room in the make-up room.

Naturally. Good to know » There is a goods lift on site, but it is only accessible with a key. If you want to use this lift, please indicate this when booking. We will then ensure that you have access on the day of your shoot.

Yes, in the ART of YOU Studios there is a range of Elinchrom studio flashes, as well as light modifiers (softboxes, beauty dishes, reflectors, diffusers and grids), which you can use. Use of our equipment is included in the rental price.

To control the studio flashes, we have wireless Enlichrom SkyPorts for Nikon, Canon, and Sony that you can use free of charge. Do you have a different brand of camera? Please inquire about the possibilities when booking. Usually we can also make a SkyPort available for your brand of camera on a rental basis for a small amount.

Yes, if you are present half an hour before the start of your booking, we will take the time to familiarize you with our equipment in combination with your camera.

If you haven’t worked with studio light before, it is advisable to rent the studio for a few hours so that you can experiment.

Yes, the ART of YOU Studios has all day daylight through ten large windows on the west and east sides of the studio. Because the studio is located on the third floor and there are no high-rise buildings in the area, there is no obstruction.

In the bathroom and bedroom sets you can combine natural light and studio light or use only natural light. In the living room set and in the portrait studio, the windows can be blinded up to 100% as needed

Of course you can also shoot video content with us. The same guidelines and conditions apply as for photography.

For the period that you rent the studio, it is your studio. This means that you can adjust the sets as needed and that you can move around with furniture and props to your heart’s content. The items that cannot be moved are fixed. The other furniture and objects are either light enough to lift or fitted with coasters.

At the ART of YOU Studios you get all the freedom to let your creativity run wild, but we would like to ask you to treat our stuff with respect. Please also do not use tape, markers or other items that leave traces. Any damage will be deducted from the deposit.

Yes, parking in front of the door is possible.

When you book the ART of YOU Studios, you book the entire 240 m² studio exclusively for your project. We are there to welcome you upon arrival and to guide you (if desired) in the studio and with the equipment. You will only see us again after your time in the studio is over.

Do you still want help, advice or just an extra pair of eyes? Then we are of course there for you.

You can book via our online agenda, which you can find here.