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the ART of YOU

all-in studio for photography

inspiring location | practical and unique

Everything under 1 roof the ideal workplace for hobbyist and professional

Spacious on 240 m2, with flexible sets in different styles, and state of the art equipment.

With us you will find everything you need for the shoot of a lifetime!

Just your camera

We’ve put everything you need for a successful shoot in it: furnished sets, separate make-up and dressing room, spacious crew facilities, an extensive range of studio light and accessories, lots of props, and a well-stocked fridge. You just need to bring your camera.

The thought

Shooting in hotel rooms or AirBnBs is not ideal. Too small, too dark, radiators that get in the way, and furniture that cannot be moved. Rental studios are nice and spacious, but also bare and deadly boring. The ART of YOU studios are spacious, provided with lavish daylight, furnished, and everything, absolutely everything, can be moved. Yes, including the bathtub.

One price - for everything

The ART of YOU is an all-in photo studio where it is wonderful to work. You can rent the ART of YOU Studios from 75.00 per hour ex. VAT. Not one room, but all rooms. Not shared, but all for you alone. For an hour, or for a whole day. The choice is yours.


the ART of YOU studios is a versatile, all-in-one workspace for content creators of every level and experience, from amateur to professionals. Photographer, vlogger, or model: feel welcome, come by, and create “the ART of YOU”.




Daylight, flash, continuous light – whatever light you want to work with, the ART of YOU studios has it. 4000K work light throughout the room. LED flood lights with adjustable color and color temperature. Super fast Elinchrom HD PRO compacts with all modifiers imaginable. you want light? We got light baby!



The ART of YOU Studios

is located in a very special and photogenic location: in the drying loft of an old tannery that is out of operation, in Dongen, North Brabant. In 2020, the ART of YOU has thoroughly renovated the drying loft, without losing its unique, characteristic features.

There are, for example, the ten large windows on either side of the room, where the wind used to blow through which dried the leather. In their new setting, these windows provide beautiful, natural light throughout the day, ideal for intimate boudoir photography, beautiful portraits, and classy lifestyle and fashion photography.

Today, the drying loft is a modern, fully equipped content creation facility, set against the background of an old industrial environment with a beautiful urbex vibe. Completely unique, and worth a visit for that reason alone!

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