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all-in Studio for photography

the ART of YOU Studios

is located in a very special and photogenic location: in the drying loft of an old tannery that is out of operation, in Dongen, North Brabant. In 2020, the ART of YOU has thoroughly renovated the drying loft, without losing its unique, characteristic features.

There are, for example, the ten large windows on either side of the room, where the wind used to blow through which dried the leather. In their new setting, these windows provide beautiful, natural light throughout the day, ideal for intimate boudoir photography, beautiful portraits, and classy lifestyle and fashion photography.

Today, the drying loft is a modern, fully equipped content creation facility, set against the background of an old industrial environment with a beautiful urbex vibe. Completely unique, and worth a visit for that reason alone!

Office table_detail theARTofYOU

It's all about you

feel welcome

The ART of YOU studios welcomes you, Brabant style. So you park your car for free and right in front of the door. You will be personally welcomed and escorted from your car to the studio. Do you have large or heavy items with you? No problem, we have a freight elevator that fits practically everything, from furniture to motorcycles. From the elevator you drive your stuff onto the set.

In the studio you can relax at our cosy, large crew table with comfortable chairs. There is a kitchen unit that is fully equipped: a coffee machine, a kettle, a dishwasher and a SMEG refrigerator. Coffee, tea and other goodies can be found in the cupboard. The refrigerator is stocked with soda, snacks, and water.

The studio has its own toilet, as well as a photo-editing workplace with a comfortable, ergonomic desk chair, calibrated screens, and a WACOM tablet.

The studio is heated and cooled by means of four air units. You can set the temperature per room.

Make-up room theARTofYOU

Everything under 1 roof

make-up room

All too often we have had to improvise at photo shoot locations with kitchen tables and toilet mirrors to put together a workplace for the makeup artist or MUAH. And once you are seated, you also have to catch enough daylight. Make-up on location is often quite a challenge

At the ART of YOU studios we do it right. In consultation with professional make-up artists and hair stylists, the make-up room of the ART of YOU studios is spacious and equipped for even the most demanding MUAHs and models. With high-end PANDA make-up chairs and dressing tables, a separate changing room, a mobile clothes rack and daylight lamps at the dressing tables, the make-up room is a complete and comfortable workplace for MUAH and model.

See-through bath-bed make-up theARTofYOU

We'll Impress You With


In the studio you will find five fully furnished photo sets, equipped with props and with a wide range of colors and atmospheres.

We have built the following sets:

  • Modern bathroom with large windowsill, design bath and glass shower cabin
  • Dark academia style living room
  • Modern seating area
  • Romantic bedroom with sumptuous bed, furniture and classic decorations
  • Portrait studio with neutral, white walls and ceiling, Colorama 2.70m background system with black, white, gray and chromakey background rolls and an authentic “urbex-style” wall.

All furniture is movable, just like all props and all lighting technology. So if you want to put a bed in the bathroom, you should definitely not let that happen. It’s up to you!

Portrait studio theARTofYOU


Equipment and light

The ART of YOU Studios has a wide range of Elinchrom compact flash heads, modifiers, and grids, LED SkyPort Pro triggers for all common camera brands, mobile Manfrotto tripods, a Manfrotto mobile light tree, LED flood lights, Colorama 2m70 background system in ChromaKey green, white, gray and black, facial reflectors, daylight LEDs in the make-up, and remote-controlled 4000K LED work light that is adjustable per room.

If you have not worked with studio light before, you can follow a studio lighting workshop in the studio. In two hours we will familiarize you with the principles of working with studio light, combining studio light with natural ambient light, using exposure meters, etc. – everything you need for beautiful portraits and model photos.

And there is also daylight. Lots of daylight. The ART of YOU Studios enjoys incoming light all day long through ten large windows on the west and east sides of the studio. Because the studio is located on the third floor and there are no high-rise buildings in the area, there is no obstruction.

The studio therefore offers a wide range of lighting options for your images: natural light, flash light, or LED continuous light. And of course you can also combine all those light forms.