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The ART of YOU Studios can be booked daily between 08:00 and 23:00. You can reserve the studio per hour, per half day, or for a whole day. Reservations are easily made  using the calendar on this page:

  1. From the menu above the calendar, select the desired number of hours;
  2. In the calendar, choose your desired date and time slot
  3. Click on your time slot. When it turns green, you can make reservations. If it stays blue, then someone beat you to it. In that case, choose a different time/date.
  4. Enter your name, email address and phone number.
  5. Please include your camera brand (due to flash triggers) and any other comments or requirements in the box provided.
  6. Click confirm. Voilá, your reservation is complete!

Your reservation will be confirmed by us by email within 24 hours after verification. Only after confirmation is your reservation final.

Rental prices individuals and small groups (max 5 people):

  • Loose rental per hour: € 69.00
  • Rent per half day of 4 hours: € 269.00
  • Rental per day of 9 hours: € 599.00

Prices for other time slots can be found in the menu above the calendar. All prices include 21% VAT. 

Rental rates commercial productions and events:

For commercial productions and events, a rental rate of 75.00 per hour excluding VAT will apply as of 1/1/2024.


Of each rental agreement, the tenant will receive a digital and a printed invoice by name if required. If you would like to receive an invoice, please indicate this when booking in the comments field below the calendar.


After your booked reservation time ends, you always have 30 minutes to clean up and get your things together without the next renter standing in front of you. Kind of quiet. If you are going to run out more than 30 minutes, please get in touch, at 06-


Can happen. In the event of damage to the studio, our equipment, furniture, or props, or in the event of severe contamination or obscuring of gear, we are required to estimate the cost of repair or replacement. These are billed directly to the party causing the damage. The good news: this has never happened before.


At the ART of YOU, you get to pretend you’re at home – that includes putting props and equipment back in place after the event, putting any dishes in the dishwasher, and putting trash in the trash. That way, the client who comes after you also ends up in a neat studio. That’s how we help each other have a top time in the studio.


Check the calendar on the right for available dates, and make your reservation right away. We’ll take care of the rest! See you soon at the ART of YOU Studios. We’ll get the coffee ready!

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