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Workshop Studio Flashes 2 – Advanced

Level: Advanced
Course duration: 1 evening, 4 hours
Participants: up to 6

Knowledge of flash technique is indispensable when creating atmospheric portrait and boudoir photos. At the ART of YOU we notice that many photographers ignore our studio flashes and opt for daylight. That’s a shame, because with a good flash technique you have full control over the play of light and shadow in your photos, and thus over the atmosphere that you give your images. From light and open to dark and mysterious – if you know how your strobes work, you can make anything! And the great thing is: it’s not difficult at all!

In this follow-up workshop, we will teach you to further refine the basic techniques from the Beginner workshop. We cover the following points:

  • Flash in existing artificial light or daylight
  • Spot metering and reflection metering with an exposure meter: how and why
  • Shutter dragging / influencing object light and ambient light on your camera
  • Studio setups with multiple flashes
  • Use of reflectors and V-flats
  • Creating Rembrandt light
  • The Secret of Peter Coulson

For this workshop it is recommended that you have completed the Workshop Studio Flashes 1.

Also in this workshop we don’t give you the right settings – we teach you how to take the picture you want every time, regardless of the lighting situation, and regardless of the equipment you use, by means of a solid portion of basic understanding and a few simple, clear steps.

A model will of course be present during the workshop, and you will have ample time to practice what you have learned in practice, and to ask questions to our professional photographers.





Mar 16 2023


7:00 pm - 11:00 pm




the ART of YOU studio
the ART of YOU studio
Heuvelstraat 5, 5101 TD, DONGEN


the ART of YOU
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