NEW – the ART of YOU Club: the most beautiful studio for the lowest price!

We have something new again: Thhe ART of YOU Club!

As of April 1, we are the presidents, treasurers, secretaries and coffee mistresses Of the nicest photo club in the Netherlands and surrounding areas. Obviously because it is our club, that makes it fun. But also because it is the club for everyone who loves photography. The ART of YOU Club does everything that a “normal” photo club also does, but more fun, sociable, geeky, original, better, welcoming, and friendly. Just as we always do everything a little differently.

Home base for the ART of YOU Club is the ART of YOU studios. And therein lies immediately what makes our Club unique. Each club member becomes a little co-owner of the most beautiful photo studio in the Netherlands. For a low monthly membership fee that you can decide, the studio becomes all yours for 3, 8, or 12 hours a month. And not just the studio, also the full refrigerator, the coffee, all the studio lights and inverters, the wind machine, the smoke machines and everything else you can find in the studio.

By joining the club, you rent the studio for 25 to 33 euros per hour. And if you’ve ever been to the ART of YOU studios, you know that’s basically for naught. There are three memberships for the club: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

  • With Bronze, you pay 99.00 per month and may use the studio for 3 hours of your choice each month;
  • With Silver, you pay 199 per month and may use the studio for 8 hours of your choice each month;
  • With Gold, you are the king. You pay 299 a month and for that you get 12 hours of access to the studio each month. That’s 25 per hour. You still don’t rent a bicycle for that!

Below you will find the membership options listed again:

Club bronze productficheClub silver productficheClub gold productfiche

And that’s not all, even though it’s already a lot. the ART of YOU Club members receive solid discounts at shoot events, and participate FREE in the many workshops we host throughout the year. This way you build your network, meet top models and photographers from all over the world, take the most beautiful pictures, and also become a lot wiser / better at your profession or hobby. And finally, 4 times a year we organize a fun networking day for all club members. Also free. So yes, what’s not to like?

As a Club member, you get access to the online and up-to-date studio calendar. Find a date and time, book the number of hours you need, and voila, the studio is yours. It’s as simple as that. Club membership is paid monthly by direct debit, and is fixed for the first 6 months. After that, you can cancel per month. But you won’t, because it’s way too much fun! Hours that you do not use may be carried over to the following month a maximum of once.

The Club is for everyone who loves photography, from beginner to professional, so it is available to TFP and hobby photographers. If you are regularly looking for a location for your photography, the ART of YOU Club is almost certainly the best solution: with lots of beautiful sets that change every few weeks, with an authentic industrial UrBex environment, with beautiful incident daylight, well, you name it, and we have it. Nowhere, moreover, will you rent a photo location cheaper, and nowhere will you rent one that is more beautiful or cozy. After all, there is no such thing.

You can find more about the club by clicking here!

See you at the ART of YOU Club!

Vince & French

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